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It is all in the Earth’ Basic Elements…

you need Water to bring them together

and the Fire’s purifying power to let them be unveiled in the Light ...


  • Terra Incognita may be considered the first attempt on a local basis, of a well-established Romanian visual artist – Gherghina Costea, ceramist, to exhibit and promote her artwork as part of a community oriented project;
  • It is an open invitation for debating on-line and off-line, the current state of the Romanian contemporary ceramics;
  • Where are we now?
  • What direction are we following?
  • The Project
    General framework; objectives;
  • The Artist
    Profile; previous activities and exhibitions; the studio place;
  • Solo Artshow 2006:
    opening Oct 26th at the Romanian Peasant’s Museum Bucharest
  • Special Events
    Panel discussion on ceramics;
    cultural management; future activities and projects;
    (Nov 11, 2006)
  • Sponsors & Partners
    The Romanian Peasant’s Museum
    - associated partner in the project; the main project partners and supporters;
  • News & Media
    Media Partners; News; Press releases and useful info;
  • Contact page
  • Most useful Links

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