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I have always been attracted by whiteness, like a sound of silence, like a void anticipating the beginning. It may have been the sound of the Earth in its white glacier-ages, equally associated with the diurnal life, the light, the divine, the purity and the void.
It gives me a great joy hearing the language of all that nature embraces: herbs, branches, wood-clearances as well as deep forest shade, rain, snow, charm of the air.
Contemplating the endless line of forms and details, I found inner resources capable of shaping up my individuality. There are signs that have to be kneaded and filtered by the warmth of my heart before turning them into shapes.
Being born in the countryside my life has always been linked to nature. My whole being became impregnated with an organic concept on space, time and earth.
I have seen the inner being of the earth flooding the fibers in plants. I have seen the appearance of a plant and its miraculous flower, like a window letting the radiant divine light through:  a symbol of liveliness, of a spiritual perfection.

“To strive like a plant, to ignite like a flame”

The almost silent, intuitive studying of the universal harmony of things helped me overcome myself. Art is an admirable lesson of sincerity, regardless of the prejudice surrounding us. The porcelain was my favorite material from the beginning. Lately, and for the first time as a ceramist, I felt suddenly like experiencing the stoneware. But my inquisitive attitude went one step further and I started using, on limited surfaces, earth samplings from the caves. It was such a delightful feeling to witness how the fire was converting those unmixed and unfiltered geological sediments, into unexpected ranges of colors and structures.
Such experiments with “unknown earth” quenched by fire, that I have just initiated, are likely to continue…

Gherghina Costea, 2006

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